The Jump Start U4 College Tour was a great time for our daughter. She made new friends, rekindled old friendships and made some great memories that she will remember for a long time to come.

“Being on this tout helped me to get refocused academically for the coming school year and inspired me to be more   involved in school clubs and organizations for my school resume.” 

Pastor Todd, First Lady Shawndreka Watson,

Kudos to Gaddis4Kids and the awesome leadership provided by you, your family and extended team!  My daughter, Emaí Daniel was a 2018 participant and as an incoming high school senior with the desire to attending a historically black college or university,  the experience was informative and rewarding.  Stops on this specific trip afforded her an opportunity to see the campuses of three of her top picks!  Additionally, interacting with students unfamiliar to her was a foretaste of what is to come, which is essential to transition and adjustment.

Finally, I'm appreciative to the touch points made to parents along the way - while they are growing up, they are still our babies and it was very thoughtful of you and your team to keep us abreast during their time away.

Five Star ratings in my book - thanks again!

D Malone Daniel; PARENT,
By being a part of Ms. Gaddis' college tours, my family & I were able to prepare myself for applying to colleges, knowing what to look for in a college or university, as well as looking for majors and seeing what internship & career opportunities can come from that major. My scope for higher education grew exponentially and my appreciation & pride for Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU's) grew even more. After participating in two HBCU tours with Ms. Gaddis, I would recommend this tour to any parent who has a child wanting to go to college, or even a parent who's child is on the fence about attending college. The quality, care, and dedication put into each university visit definitely exceeded my expectations and played a strong part in my attendance at Winston-Salem State University."
Sayvon Foster, Former Student, WINSTON SALEM STATE UNIVERSITY,
The Gaddis Foundation has been a blessing to my family in more ways than they can imagine. My son Sayvon Foster had the pleasure of attending two College Tours with Gaddis4kids and he enjoyed both tours. As we began to research colleges closer to home, we weren't pleased.


We began to revisit his conversation when he returned home from the college tour 2-3 years prior that included colleges & universities in the Carolinas. He loved Winston Salem State University (WSSU). That day in April of 2011, I put a trip together with my family to visit WSSU. We visited WSSU in July 2011 and loved it. Because of the information sessions offered to the students before their tour with Gaddis4kids, and along with my knowledge, we knew what questions to ask. Sayvon walked on campus with his ACT scores, high school transcripts and letters of recommendation. His application fee was waived and he was offered a scholarship immediately, upon completion of High School. What a blessing we all thought. Sayvon finished High School May 2012 in the top 18% of his class and received his $5000 partial scholarship. Had he not gone on the tour, we probably wouldn't have looked at Winston Salem State University.


Sayvon is a Campus Ambassador, he's on several committees, he gives tours, he's a Resident Advisor and he's part of a young men's empowerment group. He's participated in all of these activities along with making the Dean's List Spring Semester 2013. Fast forward: We returned two weeks ago from WSSU's homecoming weekend. We took another High School student and her family with us. They enjoyed all of the events as well as the 20 minute drive to North Carolina A & T in Greensboro. The young lady is now looking at attending A&T. I have friends that's witnessed my son's progress and look forward to Gaddis4Kids to do another tour soon, hoping for their students to have the same positive experience.
Lisa Whistler, PARENT,