I owe you all a debt of gratitude for all that you deposited into my son. His entire thought process about education and who he communicates with has changed for the better. His conversations have elevated to a much higher degree, and for that to scratch the surface, I again say Thank you. The friends that he met on the tour he has chosen to still stay in touch with. I love it. The schools that he visited Jr says were phenomenal, he now has his heart set on North Carolina Central, and we are trusting God for His favor. Sister Alethea Gaddis we salute you for your dedication to educate our young men and woman. God is pleased with your services and I know it.

Tonie and Stephen "JR" Covington,

Ms. Gaddis,

We, the parents of Jade Davis want to express our gratitude to you and your team for the trip of a lifetime.  Our young person was able to gain firsthand knowledge of the colleges' curriculum and financial aid possibilities, one in which she could not have been afforded otherwise.

The very best part of this trip for US was being able to receive a personalized and comforting text message from you in the evening hours letting us know "ALL WERE SAFE and TUCKED AWAY for the evening.

Thank you and keep Blessing the lives of young people, and their parents.

Robert and Rodell Davis,

Ms. Gaddis,

This is the second child that I have sent on your HBCU college tour and I am happy to say that both children enjoyed the experience.  Your tour is very well organized and provides so much valuable information.  Providing this opportunity for the children helps to open their eyes to different colleges and opportunities that they had not considered when thinking about college.  I will definitely recommend this tour to other parents.

- Toski Flemister,

She started the tour with three top choices in mind for college and returned with two of the original choices changed, and it was all because the trip allowed her an on-person experience to see where she thinks she would best fit.

We are so thankful for the opportunity and the excellent care and oversight of our students that was provided.  We would definitely recommend this tour for any student interested in pursuing college.

My family is extremely grateful for the Gaddis 4 Kids College Tour experience.  The program emphasized the importance of grades, leadership skills and the ability to remain focused on future goals during the high school years.

The exposure to college life, tours of the HBCU campuses and being surrounded by her peers have truly been beneficial in encouraging my daughter to be all that she can be to become the first 4 year college graduate in our family.

Deirdra Corbett,